Stethescope/Ear-rings Friendly Hijab Tutorial

02/02/2012 19:00

Here is another Hijab tutorial which you can pull on for any occasion.

Using a steth can be a nightmare for a hijabi at times. With this style, a steth can be easily used without pulling your hair off or ruining your hijab. This style is dedicated for all the hijabi docs as well as those who love ear rings :)

In this tutorial we used a bead band to bring an egde to the plain pashmina.

First put on the bead band, then  the headband and  place the pashmina with one end longer than the other.

Now take both the ends and pin it behind.

Place the bead band.
Now take the short end and secure it near the ear.

Take the longer end and wrap around your head.

Now secure with pins on both sides.

Adjust the folds in the front and back.

Here is the final look.

Close-up of the beads.

We hope you like this style :)



D & R


Hijabs and skin tones.

16/01/2012 00:48

Feeling uncertain about which hijab colour to wear? What essential color of hijab should you have in your wardrobe? What hijab colour suits your skin tone and enhances your look?

Fashion is all about you. Mixing and matching is a personal choice where you create your own style. But before you do that, let us guide you along with the understanding of colours.


How to wear hijab in accordance with your skin tones:

Fair skin tone is more flattering with darker colored hijabs like black, grays and red. Royal blue and deep purple also look stunning.

White, pastels and gold are not so complimentary as well as beige and orange/yellow shades.


Olive or medium skin tone should wear more pink, red and blue hues of hijab; and avoid wearing golden undertones like caramel, orange and brown.


Darker skin tone is favorable with plum, lavender, soft neutral and pastel colored hijab, which make the skin look beautiful and creamy. Browns, black and orange are not so enriching for darker skin tone. Avoid bright colors like red, yellow and bright green as well.



Hijab Colour Coordination


1. Basic colours for your hijab

Black is a basic hijab colour that should be in our wardrobe that can be worn with almost all clothing items.

Black hijab matches well with any other contrasting color clothes. It could also work superb with printed cloth.


You can also wear black hijab with black abaya or black top as well.

But usually this black hijab has adornment in the form of beadworks, embroidery or colored border to break the color pattern and accentuate the overall appearance of black attire.



The other basic color for hijab that can go with any outfit is cream. Cream has a golden hue and if worn on any skin color gives your complexion a slight glow when light bounces off it.



2. Stick to solid colours

They are easier to match with your cloth. Solid colour hijab will also go easily with your shoes, bags and accessories.

You can change the look easily by changing your accessories or hijab pins. This way you don't have to spend a fortune.

Solid colour hijabs will not be out of date quickly. Hence save you time and money.



3. Don't mix prints

There are a lot of beautiful and vibrant colour print shayla or Turkish scarves in the market. If you really like print hijabs, match it with solid outfit only.



4. Stay away from too many bright colours

If you have loud coloured top, balance it out with solid colour pant or skirt and wear white, black or neutral colour hijab. In many occassions bright screaming colour head scarves do not do justice to our modest attire. 


We hope the tips and ideas helped. Keep checking for updates. We shall be back with something interesting again. Until then take care and keep smiling 

Your support and critism will help us improve, so any comments are welcome  

With love. xoxo


Tutorial 3: Layers & Volume

19/12/2011 00:20


Here is our 3rd hijab tutorial, with lots of layers, volume and coverage. Adding layers is a simple way to make your hijab look beautiful yet not over-the-top. Okey lets skip the talk and begin :)

Step 1

Put your headband on,place the shawl with one end longer than the other. The shorter end is for covering your chest and the other for the back.So adjust the length accordingly.

Pin it behind as shown in the picture. A safety pin will be better than using a normal pin, as the name says it all.


Step 2

Now grab the shawl and pin it under your chin. You may skip step 1 and start with this if you prefer.


Step 3

Now create as many folds as u want and secure them with pins on both sides


Step 4

Then take the shorter end and secure it to cover the chest.


Step 5

Take the longer end, wrap over your head and secure.


Step 6

Now adjust and voila, you're done!


Here is the final result; voluminous and neat.

Hope you like this, we certainly do love layers :)



Shoes collection...

12/12/2011 02:20



Shades with hijabs.

10/12/2011 01:33

Sunglasses have become more of a fashion accessory than something used to protect eyes. Being a hijabi doesn’t prevent you from wearing your favorite sunglass, it mainly depends on the way you wear your hijab. Then again, the hijab styles which look good on you are determined by your face shape. Insha Allah, we would be doing a post about hijab styles and face shapes soon.

There is no particular rule of thumb when buying a sunglass. Just try different ones in front of the mirror. Don’t forget to wear your default hijab style when you go to buy them.

If you usually wear loose, wrap around styles, you can get away with big sunglasses.


If you usually wear hijab styles which emphasize your face shape, go for a neutral look.



Try to stay away from sunglasses with large frames as these can pull out strands of hair when you take it off or ruin your hijab.



There are a few trends in sunglasses we are seeing for spring/summer 2012. Let's see what they are:

1. Cat eye

 Violet sunglasses at Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2012. 

Noir black sunglasses at Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2012. 

2. Retro


3. Gradient

Round tortoiseshell sunglasses at Yigal Azrouel Spring/Summer 2012. 

Ombre sunglasses at Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2012. 


4. Aviator


5. Colorful plastic

Lilac sunglasses at Gap Spring/Summer 2012. 


6. Square shape



Finally always remember to opt for comfort and don’t forget to check its UV block which is the main purpose of it anyway.









Tutorial 2

Salam sisters,

We are sorry that we haven't brought you any tutorials, we've been busy with studies. Here is an easy tutorial which shows you how to put your shawl in less than 1 minute. All you need is a wide headband, a shawl and some pins. You can ofcox accessorize it with brooches or bow ties. Lets begin!

1. Put on your headband. Pin one end of your shawl to your headband. Make sure it is oblique so that one side of the headband can be seen more than the other side. You can adjust the shawl depending on how much of the headband you want to show.



2. Now bring the hijab down your chin and wrap it around you head. Make sure the headband can be seen on one side. 




3. Now secure it on both the sides with pins.




4. Wrap the remaining part of the hijab once again over your head, and pin it firmly to the side.




5. And tada! It is done! You can always choose a wider shawl if you want to cover more. 


Do you like this style? Or do you have a specific style you want us to do for you?  If so let us know.










One Shawl, 5 ways..

Do you find your closet full of clothes and yet you cant find anythng to wear? You dont need to buy shawls or bottoms or jewellery for each and every outfit you have, just mix and match your already existing pieces. In this post we bring you 5 different ways that you can wear one shawl.
















What is your favourite outfit from these? Ours is the 1st outfit with the black & white stripes and the fourth with the gray tee...!

Lots of Love...




Plus-size can be the new size-zero.

This post is dedicated to a particular follower of our blog who faces problems dressing up since she is plus-size woman. Here are some tips to all the plus-size ladies out there who finds it traumatizing when it comes to dressing up. 

One of the biggest mistake that plus-size women do is wearing clothes that are too large for them. Since we all wear hijabs it is good to hide the curves but it doesnt mean you have to wear clothes 3 or 4 sizes bigger. Even loose and baggy clothes can be flattering if you wear them the right way. 

The first thing you should do is determine your body shape. 

1. Hour-glass- This means you have a well-defined waist and your chest and hips have similar measurements. Hour-glass girls have it good when it comes to fashion. Find pants that fit your hips and then have them altered to fit your waist ( to avoid gaps). For blouses find something with princess seaming to skim the material closer to your body. It's always a good idea to add a belt. It narrows down the waist and give you more curves. Here are some ideas for hour-glass figures. 


2. Apple-shaped- This shape doesn't just mean round and all around.. it refers to those who carry their weight in the centre of their body, and they will usually have a much skinnier legs and hips than the rest of the plus-size crew because of how they carry weight.

Apple shaped girls can usually wear smaller pants but need a larger top. However it is more flattering to wear a pair of straight legged pants to help balance out the the top than it is to show off your legs, even if they are skinny! So for pants, stick to straight leg or even wide leg(if you prefer). 

For blouses, there is no need need to go sizes above what size you actually are, so take the time to figure out your real size and stick to  it. 



Pear-shape- Pear shaped girls generally have a smaller top, a defined waist, andd larger hips/thighs. A pear shaped girl can definitely wear looser tops if they like. We'd recommend layers on top to help balance out the bottom. A loose satin blouse, like the one below with a black t-shirt underneath it would be nice.

For bottoms, a pair of boot cut jeans will go far to flatter your shape. You dont need a wide leg pant because that will only make the bottom half look larger.

For every other shape in between, there is no better way to find what works for you than to try it on the store. Try on lots, and bring friends to ask their opinion.


So which shape are you ladies? Give it a try and find dresses that suit your body.

Until next time,










This is our very first tutorial on wearing hijabs. This one is an easy, comfortable style which you can wear at any time or for any occasion. You will need pins, (just two would do), and a head band that covers most of your hair. 

1. Put on the headband. Make sure your bun is high up. Put the shawl on your head with one end (about 2/3rd) longer than the other.

2. Take the short end and pin it to your head-band , just above your ear.

3. Now take the longer side. Make sure you take the downside (not the side touching your face), since you won't be pinning it under your chin.

4. Wrap it around your head and pin it.

5. Make sure the hijab is loose and flowly. 


Do you like this style? Give us feed-back...

Until next time..





Abayas for Special Occasions. 

Previously Abayas were considered more like a uniform black robe. Now it comes in bold colors, different materials like lace, chiffon and even add sequins, embroidery and daring slits. Abaya is not just a tent that covers us all, we can still look pretty and elegant in them.

Here a couple of elegant abaya looks we created.


(p.s We love red)

Don't remember from where we got it, but we love this outfit.. isn't it gorgous?

Tell us how you would dress up your abayas..

Until next time..







So whats new out there for us Hijabians this autumn/winter?

1. Great Coats

Rodarte autumn/winter 2011-12 

This floor-grazing overcoat  with lean, tailored styles boasting city-smart drama, while softer dressing-gown cuts presented a more relaxed approach. This will be ideal with an abaya or if you plan to go to formal dinner party. You can compliment the coat with a flowly long dress. 

2. Knee-High Boots


Jaeger autumn/winter 2011-12 

Knee-High boots can always bring a flare to the outfit. Hijabians can pair them up with denim jeans or long skirts. 


3. Splash some color.

Yellow is one of the top colors this season. This flowly top is not only loose but long and ideal to wear with a hijab. You can trade the leggings for some denim.

Whether its a party dress or an office-wear, you can't go wrong with red. And red is one the colors of this season.





We just love the blue flats..


Website launched

20/11/2011 22:47
Our new website has been launched today. This blog for all hijabians out there, who wear their hijabs with pride and not shame. Hijab is for modesty but who says we can't be stylish and chic while being modest. This blog will be a guide to help you with wearing different styles of hijab and...


Abayas for Specoal Occasions

22/11/2011 14:20
Previously Abayas were considered more like a uniform black robe. Now it comes in bold colors, different materials like lace, chiffon and even add sequins, embroidery and daring slits. Abaya is not just a tent that covers us all- we can still look pretty and elegant in them. Here are a couple...

Red and yellow..

21/11/2011 17:55


Website launched

20/11/2011 22:47
Our new website has been launched today. This blog for all hijabians out there, who wear their hijabs with pride and not shame. Hijab is for modesty but who says we can't be stylish and chic while being modest. This blog will be a guide to help you with wearing different styles of hijab and...