Stethescope/Ear-rings Friendly Hijab Tutorial

02/02/2012 19:00

Here is another Hijab tutorial which you can pull on for any occasion.

Using a steth can be a nightmare for a hijabi at times. With this style, a steth can be easily used without pulling your hair off or ruining your hijab. This style is dedicated for all the hijabi docs as well as those who love ear rings :)

In this tutorial we used a bead band to bring an egde to the plain pashmina.

First put on the bead band, then  the headband and  place the pashmina with one end longer than the other.

Now take both the ends and pin it behind.

Place the bead band.
Now take the short end and secure it near the ear.

Take the longer end and wrap around your head.

Now secure with pins on both sides.

Adjust the folds in the front and back.

Here is the final look.

Close-up of the beads.

We hope you like this style :)



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