Tutorial 3: Layers & Volume

19/12/2011 00:20


Here is our 3rd hijab tutorial, with lots of layers, volume and coverage. Adding layers is a simple way to make your hijab look beautiful yet not over-the-top. Okey lets skip the talk and begin :)

Step 1

Put your headband on,place the shawl with one end longer than the other. The shorter end is for covering your chest and the other for the back.So adjust the length accordingly.

Pin it behind as shown in the picture. A safety pin will be better than using a normal pin, as the name says it all.


Step 2

Now grab the shawl and pin it under your chin. You may skip step 1 and start with this if you prefer.


Step 3

Now create as many folds as u want and secure them with pins on both sides


Step 4

Then take the shorter end and secure it to cover the chest.


Step 5

Take the longer end, wrap over your head and secure.


Step 6

Now adjust and voila, you're done!


Here is the final result; voluminous and neat.

Hope you like this, we certainly do love layers :)