Hijabs and skin tones.

16/01/2012 00:48

Feeling uncertain about which hijab colour to wear? What essential color of hijab should you have in your wardrobe? What hijab colour suits your skin tone and enhances your look?

Fashion is all about you. Mixing and matching is a personal choice where you create your own style. But before you do that, let us guide you along with the understanding of colours.


How to wear hijab in accordance with your skin tones:

Fair skin tone is more flattering with darker colored hijabs like black, grays and red. Royal blue and deep purple also look stunning.

White, pastels and gold are not so complimentary as well as beige and orange/yellow shades.


Olive or medium skin tone should wear more pink, red and blue hues of hijab; and avoid wearing golden undertones like caramel, orange and brown.


Darker skin tone is favorable with plum, lavender, soft neutral and pastel colored hijab, which make the skin look beautiful and creamy. Browns, black and orange are not so enriching for darker skin tone. Avoid bright colors like red, yellow and bright green as well.



Hijab Colour Coordination


1. Basic colours for your hijab

Black is a basic hijab colour that should be in our wardrobe that can be worn with almost all clothing items.

Black hijab matches well with any other contrasting color clothes. It could also work superb with printed cloth.


You can also wear black hijab with black abaya or black top as well.

But usually this black hijab has adornment in the form of beadworks, embroidery or colored border to break the color pattern and accentuate the overall appearance of black attire.



The other basic color for hijab that can go with any outfit is cream. Cream has a golden hue and if worn on any skin color gives your complexion a slight glow when light bounces off it.



2. Stick to solid colours

They are easier to match with your cloth. Solid colour hijab will also go easily with your shoes, bags and accessories.

You can change the look easily by changing your accessories or hijab pins. This way you don't have to spend a fortune.

Solid colour hijabs will not be out of date quickly. Hence save you time and money.



3. Don't mix prints

There are a lot of beautiful and vibrant colour print shayla or Turkish scarves in the market. If you really like print hijabs, match it with solid outfit only.



4. Stay away from too many bright colours

If you have loud coloured top, balance it out with solid colour pant or skirt and wear white, black or neutral colour hijab. In many occassions bright screaming colour head scarves do not do justice to our modest attire. 


We hope the tips and ideas helped. Keep checking for updates. We shall be back with something interesting again. Until then take care and keep smiling 

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